nick summers


I feel as though I have always viewed life through an aesthetic lens. Words can only take us so far before they become inert and useless. Life is infinitely filled with moments in which words simply can not portray. For me, picking up a camera or a paint brush was the only way I knew how to find an outlet for this perpetual yearning of human expression of mine.


I have had the utmost honor photographing weddings, couples, and solo sessions and each one proves its own unique and authentic character, always reminding me how incredibly powerful the art of photography is. Being able to capture the true nature of the human soul is what moves my heart.


There is nothing more precious than the present and authentic moments of this waking life. Capturing real life moments of honest displays of intimate emotions is the driving force behind my passion for photography. It’s the truth I seek in a photograph. 


It is absolutely amazing to be able to cease the present and harness it forever. A wise man once said, “the present is where time touches eternity,” -C.S. Lewis. 

brittany summers


Simply put, I love to create. It is an essential part of my being and rejuvenates my soul. With painting, I love how lost I can get laying brush strokes and the excitement of getting that perfect shot, if it be photography. There is nothing more important though than seeing the joy that art brings others. Art has the power to evoke emotions and speak to each individual differently. And in a world of diversity, art is one thing that brings us all together, in appreciation and in awe. We all have something valuable to contribute and learn from one another. That is the beauty of diversity and that is the beauty of art. Each painting I complete comes with a new discovery of myself; new inspiration, motivation, strengths & weaknesses, & growth. My work is in a way a story of me & my life, where Im feeling inspired in each distinct moment of time, something very personal and valuable beyond anything material. I hope you enjoy my gallery! Follow me on instagram, @mtn_soul_artworks  for day by day progress of paintings & leave me a comment! Would love to hear your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. Enjoy!

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